Fate is blind?

One individual brave enough to even give us his name (if that’s his real name) has posted an advertisement on Craigslist:

fate is blind #questionmark

First of all, this guy is really into music. He mentions wanting to watch “The Sound of Music,” which is a really long date movie, and mentions he wants a girl who will “sing with” him. I have to wonder, is this relationship feasible if she’s tone deaf?

But even more interesting, to me, is his comment at the end: “…let’s email and see if fate is really blind.” Is that a thing? I know they say justice is blind, but did not realize that people said fate is blind, too.

Regardless, I hope you find your “missed connection,” Brian.

The Inappropriateness of Glee

Let me preface this blog post by saying I am not a Gleek. I think that the first half of the first season was extremely well done – clever, funny, sometimes poignant, and very well acted. Then, the show got really popular, and the plots just became insane – but more importantly, in my opinion, much less funny. So feel free to disagree with me, particularly as my opinion is never unbiased (making it more interesting to read than a history book).

I randomly began watching season 4, both because I was bored, and because my little beansprout likes music – win, win, right?

Kind of.

The fourth season is interesting, because many of our favorite characters have graduated, which means the show had to pull in a whole new set of characters to keep the whole “Glee” title making sense. It would have been nice if, in the process, the show had also made the audience care about the characters – but I just don’t. Britney does not work as a main character – she works much better as a kick-ass dancer with the occasional (hilarious) one-liner. Pretty much all of the new characters are just boring, except for Kitty, who is possibly the devil incarnate.

There was one little snippet of a scene that made me giggle endlessly, and still makes me crack a smile when I allow my mind to drift back to that delicious moment: the scene where the audience is definitively told that Tina has a crush on her gay best friend, and is doodling “Blaire + Tina = Blatina” in her notebook. And considering that I am a new mother, and therefore, very sleep deprived, there’s a good chance this hilarity is a fluke.

And even if it’s not – that’s one moment.

Yet what began to strike me a few episodes back (the sectionals episode) is how completely inappropriate some of the songs these high school kids are singing are.

Remember in season 1, when Rachel gets on Finn’s radar with her talk about sex being natural, and then the Glee club performs “Push It” for the entire school?

And what happened because of that display? Mr. Shue – who didn’t even know that the club had switched songs for the performance – was reprimanded by the principal, and the club was given an approved list of songs (a selection that the members were very unhappy about).

That reaction makes sense, and is a realistic portrayal of how such an incident would be handled in a Midwestern high school.

You know what doesn’t make sense? An all-male choir singing “Whistle” and “Live While We’re Young” and not getting disqualified. Sure, high school students listen to music about blow jobs and having casual sex – but that doesn’t mean they can perform such songs penalty-free in a school setting.

There’s a subsequent story line about Sam working to prove that the Warblers should be disqualified because the members were obviously on steroids (possibly inserted to explain why their dancing & acrobatics display was full of so much more awesome?), and I was scratching my head saying: “Really? It’s steroids allegations that you’re going after?”

Even if the audience members and judges were too obtuse to realize what dissembling lyrics such as “Tonight let’s get some” are really about, how about a song in which the high schoolers are explicitly saying the word “sex?”

Yeah, ’cause that totally happened. Picture it: Sadie Hawkins dance. The female Glee club members are onstage in their appropriately puffy dresses, diluted-Rachel front & center, of course. “Locked Out of Heaven” is not a school-appropriate song, plus, it’s kind of gross. (Don’t get me wrong – no girl wants to hear that sex with her sucks, but most girls also don’t want to think it’s the only thing you like about them.)

Returning to the sectionals episode, let’s take a moment to note the racism inherent in the choice of having Tina sing “Gangnam Style.” (This choice would probably not be noted at a Midwestern competition, but it’s still not cool.)

So, are you a Gleek? How are you liking the new Glee crew? Do you feel that the song choice has been slightly inappropriate this season?