Buy Me Dinner, First

Apparently, August is Read-a-Romance month. You know what they say – what you read, you tend to write. (I don’t know if the ambiguous “they” actually say anything of the sort or not, but this is my blog, and I’ll attribute whatever cliched sayings to them I wish, dammit!)

Who says "it?" "They" do.

Who says “it?” “They” do.

I’ve already done a post on romances to indulge in (when lamenting over my own lack of Valentine’s Day plans), so if you’re looking for some inspiration, that’s a good place to start.



Write a romance. A cute one. The one you wish you had. The one you really have. An erotic one. An impotent one. Post it & link to it here!

I’m excited! I think some very interesting pieces can result from this prompt.