Craig’s List Capture: That’s Descriptive

Craig's List Capture: That's Descriptive

I can’t tell if this one is a joke or oblivious. There’s no identifying information, other than that this poster works at some place that sells something that is capable of being returned.

“You have pretty eyes” is also hardly a qualifier for – oh, I’m sorry, it’s “really” pretty eyes? Well, I suppose that makes all the difference. This poster is obviously talking about me. Even though I remained at home with my baby boy all day on Tuesday, July 16.

Craig’s List Capture: Jail Tends to Make the Hormones Rage


First of all, if you want to pick up a chick, you probably shouldn’t mention her fatherĀ in your pick-up line. Particularly if her father was recently incarcerated.

Secondly, am I the only one who envisions this encounter as having been extremely awkward and uncomfortable for the woman he’s hitting on? Somehow, I don’t imagine he was Holmes-esque in noticing the lack of wedding ring. I picture him staring at her hands, and analyzing her face with an “I Farted” face as he tries to be sneaky in analyzing if he stands a chance.

My guess, however, is that he doesn’t.