Writing: Getting Organized

So, there’s a packet available as a free download that’s technically for children, but the majority can apply to all writers, of all ages. It’s on the site Teachers-pay-Teachers, but, again, is a free download.


What I like about the packet is that it is a way to stay organized, to remember the basics of your story. Most of your stories should have a problem, a climax to the story, a resolution. Keep the exposition to a bare minimum. Flesh out your characters, understanding them well enough that you can paint their picture without a 10-page description. Not write in fragments, like I’m doing right now.



For awhile, I was trying to use flash cards to keep my writing organized. Yet that never really worked for me. I would always spill something on my flash cards, or lose them, and end up cursing at the supposed aids while discarding them in the trash. I fear worksheets might have the same result, for me, though I will give them a try.

Do you have any recommendations for organizing your writing? Keeping track of characters, settings, plot elements, etc.? I would love to learn some new tricks to try!