Surprise & Cement

Since I should be studying for my Finance quiz, I felt a desperate need to check my WordPress stats, and noticed, once again, that my most popular post is my wandering writing in which I disparage the movie “The Breakfast Club.”

The reason that this popularity surprises me is that while it has at least 114 views, no one has ever commented on it.

“The Breakfast Club” is a cult classic. People love this movie. And while I do not number amongst those who like “The Breakfast Club,” I kind of expected some indignant response comments defending it. Particularly since I posted it on a public forum, and believe in defending what you love.

Perhaps “The Breakfast Club” is a guilty pleasure. A movie that you know is flawed, but you watch, anyway. Like a hole-ridden security blanket that doesn’t quite keep you warm, anymore, but that has the smell of your infantile spittle soaked into the fibers. Kind of gross, but you can’t help loving it.

Regardless, my reaction towards “The Breakfast Club” becomes further cemented every time someone views my post and does not comment. While I generally strive for open-mindedness, part of me can’t help but feel that all who gaze upon my blog immediately become converted to my view, but are too ashamed to let me know. I am insightful! I am movie critic! Hear me roar!

I realize this isn’t true. I realize some people just want to steal the images I spent so much time Googling, or accidentally clicked on my link, or were curious and possibly thereafter disgusted after reading a few lines.

Yet I find it becomes hard to maintain perspective without any commentary from at least one third party. Having said that, what about you? Fellow bloggers, how are you affected when a blog post is not commented on? And readers, when you do leave comments, what is the incentive that pushes you to do so? Or, feel free to say hello! The interwebs can be lonely; all comments are welcome.