Creepy Craigslist: The Only Response this Guy Deserves is a Restraining Order have a wifeLet’s see, the poster:

  1. Has a wife
  2. Seems to think someone who works in retail smiling at him is a special sign of potential affection
  3. Oh, my bad. She also sometimes says “Good morning.” Yep, that sounds like a woman who’s desperate to have sex with you.
  4. Ends his listing with a question that is so, so skeevy.

This doesn’t sound like an asshole who harasses women and wants to (but probably can’t) cheat on his wife. Nope, not at all. #sarcasmintended

Fate is blind?

One individual brave enough to even give us his name (if that’s his real name) has posted an advertisement on Craigslist:

fate is blind #questionmark

First of all, this guy is really into music. He mentions wanting to watch “The Sound of Music,” which is a really long date movie, and mentions he wants a girl who will “sing with” him. I have to wonder, is this relationship feasible if she’s tone deaf?

But even more interesting, to me, is his comment at the end: “…let’s email and see if fate is really blind.” Is that a thing? I know they say justice is blind, but did not realize that people said fate is blind, too.

Regardless, I hope you find your “missed connection,” Brian.

Short Story Stimulus: Being Creepy

If you have casually perused my blog at all, you will know that I kind of┬álove reading Craigslist’s missed connections. Sometimes sad, often funny, these writings have the potential to touch my soul, but more often, skeeve me out.


So, this week’s writing prompt? Be obsessive. Write the creepiest Craigslist missed connection you can think of. Maybe you can use it in a story or something, but post the m.c. writing on your blog & link to it with Mister Linky – so that Craiglist can inspire even more amusement, for me.

I really think this prompt can inspire some great work!