Links that I Like, & Think You Might, Too

  • ‘Tis the season for colds and flus! I’m pretty sure I’ve been ill more days than I have been healthy. Ugh. Yet perhaps that is about to change, now that I know about this fun remedy. (It’s worth a try anyway, right?)
  • If you don’t like the Toast, then I’m not sure we can be friends. (In particular, pretty much everything Mallory Ortberg writes makes me chortle.)
  • If Hermione were the main character in “Harry Potter.” (Replete with feminism and gifs, you will not regret reading this article.)
  • What Kristy Thomas (yes, of The Babysitters Club Kristy Thomas) thinks of the Sweet Valley Confidential series.
  • One Dimensional Female Character from a Male-Driven Comedy. (Because sometimes, SNL gets it right.)
  • I’m a sucker for an infograph, and the classics. This link provides both.
  • A guy wrote a mystery novel with teddy bears, and got extremely irritated at what he perceived to be a negative review.
  • Men are from bacon, women are from lemons. Read.

Writing Comp. to Check Out

Beth’s Brilliant Books is running a short story competition.

It can only be up to 500 words, and must make her laugh.

I think writing contests are awesome. They give you a deadline to work towards, some type of guidelines to abide by, and generally have kick-ass prizes to encourage you to write well so you can win!

Click on the link below for more info if you’re interested:


Let your saucy side show in a piece of witty, humorous writing

Let your saucy side show in a piece of witty, humorous writing