Winter Poetry

“You don’t really need your toes,

that’s why I froze

them,” says the Snow.

“It is so nice,

to become ice,

and trip you so,”

continues Snow.

“I think that you

look good in hues

of purple and blue.”

You realize

with watering eyes

that Snow was true

when you

remove your gloves.

“Don’t you worry;

you’ll only see

much more of me,”

Snow giggles out.

It is, after all, only January.



I should be studying,

so brain muddying,

showers & fresh air be damned!

An A is sought,

but not for naught,

a career path I have planned


But first, I must eat,

then have something sweet,

for without chocolate, you won’t learn.

And then, I must check,

the e-mails that beck

and call to me “it’s our turn!”

And now I’m cold,

put everything on hold,

whilst retrieving a blanket for comfort.

Then, finally,

pull up the screen;

I’m ready & alert.

Yet from the bedroom,

comes a wailing boom;

my baby has woken up.

It’s okay;

I’ll study tomorrow?