Short Story Stimulus: Mythology, Reworked

I recently wrote a book review about a novel that re-tells the Trojan War myths for a middle school audience. I was not a fan of the novel, but mentioned that I like re-worked myths. Myths began as oral stories, and are consequently malleable. They are supposed to be altered, be added to, subtracted from, and become the marked product of their current narrator.

Due to my love of mythology, and the fact that there are so many interesting things a writer can do with them, this week’s writing prompt is: Homage to a Myth. Poem, Short Story, Play, Novel – whatever form you choose, base it on a well-known myth.

I’m currently working on the Daphne metamorphosis myth:


What myth are you working on? Leave a comment to let me know, or link to Mr. Linky with your blogged piece!