A Day In the Life of Sleep-Deprived Parents: Math Skills

I love that I can share this here, because it’s anonymous. This conversation occurred the other day, while Baby Boy & I were getting ready to take Papa Bear to work. I had just finished strapping Baby Boy into his car seat (a difficult maneuver; baby wrangling should be an Olympic sport), when:

Papa Bear: We are so much stronger now.

Me: (positioning the handlebar of the car seat, on which is strapped a toyband that Baby Boy finds amazing) What do you mean?

Papa Bear: Remember when we first came home from the hospital, how heavy the car seat was?

Me: Oh, yeah…

Papa Bear: And H- was then only, what? Just over 6 pounds? That car seat must weight about twice as much now!

I began laughing at this, since Papa Bear recently took Baby Boy for his 9-month check-up, where the scales showed Henry is now over 20 pounds.

6 x 2 = 20

You learn something new every day.