grasping @ eternity

 Okay – what is this book about?

Is it an interesting supernatural novel? A run-of-the-mill romance? A combination of the two?

I feel like there is a disparity between the cover and the description. I have nothing against romance, but some of it is not meant to be taken seriously. While most of us will read anything at the beach, the cover is indicative, to me, of what is casually labeled a “beach read” – a fun read. The description, on the other hand, at least indicates melodrama, if not the idea that this novel is meant to keep the reader thinking after the last page has been turned.

There’s something about eternity (vampires? hopefully not – I’m feeling a bit inundated by vampires at the moment). There’s something about “doing the unthinkable,” except that that’s “explained” by some gibberish about past lives. Maybe this is a god/goddess thing?

Is it just me, or do you kind of wish publishers would just issue a blank cover if they can’t come up with a fitting image? Or is this novel’s description better than its’ premise?

Anyway, the person with the best elaborated description of the novel (based, of course, on its’ cover) gets brownie points! & even though you’ll probably never meet me in person, and probably wouldn’t know who I was even if you did, you know you want my approval. 😉

OMG, Really?

So, despite being a twenty-something (on the older side!), I still occasionally like YA fiction. By this, I mean that I consume mass amounts of it, but do not actually like most of it as much as I would like to.* Yet I keep reading them.**
So I was perusing the free books available for NookBooks, when I came across this gem:

poorly named novel

I instantly began giggling & felt I had to share. A young adult novel entitled “Arousing Love?” The subtle and/or misleading title strikes me as very funny.

Thoughts? Ideas on the next title, if this were a series? (I’m thinking “The Ejaculatory Debate Team.”)

*My one exception? Sarah Dessen. I always enjoy her books, and they have the additional benefit of tending to make me feel better. It doesn’t matter what’s bothering me – Dessen & Austen are both a great fix. (Plus, if you’re into reading author blogs, twitter feeds, etc., you can see that Dessen is a super sweet lady.)

**It’s an addiction, like crack. Except that I hopefully get to keep all of my teeth.