Bad things happen in 3s, right? Right?!

I’ve been absent for a couple of months because I am currently in the midst of an accounting internship that entails over 40 hours of work a week, as well as an hour-long commute. I am really enjoying it. The office is great, especially because of the awesome staff, I’m learning a lot, and it is reinforcing the idea that I do, indeed, enjoy accounting.

But last week was pretty much the week from hell.

Not because of my internship… exactly.

Not because of the work for my internship.

Last week, my boyfriend’s best friend, someone he’s known since he was a kid, passed away. We knew it was coming. He was an alcoholic who had killed his liver and kidneys and had been in and out of the hospital several times.

But he was still only in his mid-thirties, and he was still my boyfriend’s best friend, and it still really, really sucks.

A few hours before this young, young man died, we found my phone. My neighbor had found it. Apparently, it had fallen out of my purse in the morning (I usually leave around 7 a.m.), and I hadn’t noticed, and I ran over it with my car (thank goodness I have the overpriced insurance plan).

The screen was completely ruined – the amazing thing? It still rang. That’s how we found it. You couldn’t answer the phone, turn it off, etc. – but it would still ring. Which makes me kind of amazed at the sturdiness of the Android.

Then, on Saturday, to top it all off, my ignition cylinder stopped working.

For those of you who don’t know what the ignition cylinder is, (I didn’t), it’s the thing your key turns in to turn on your car. It also apparently goes bad on all Ford Focuses made from 2000 – 2010. So… don’t get an old Focus if you can help it.

I drove to work fine, but when I tried to leave the parking lot, I couldn’t turn my key, and couldn’t turn my wheel.

After being stranded at work for 4 hours, my parents picked me up. It was so awesome of them, and also made me feel like a little kid again, having to ask my parents for help. My family also waited with me on Sunday, when I discovered that the towing company couldn’t fit their car in the garage.

Luckily, (finally), the tow mechanic told me to call a locksmith. The fact is, I probably could have found a company that could tow my car, but considering I would have towing fees on top of repairs, the locksmith probably saved me money. Plus, he was amazing. It was very cool to see him work. He knew exactly what he was doing, what tools he needed, and had a range of time for how long it would take him which he did not exceed. Locksmithing is truly an art, and one that I’m appreciative of.

This week has to be better than the week before, right? 3 truly horrible things happened to my family, so it’s got to be over now, right? We’re not bad people; we deserve some good karma – though I would settle for middle of the road, “my-life-is-not-falling-apart” karma.

The internship probably ends this month, when you will probably see me on-line, suddenly, frequently, and hopefully, funnily. I could use some laughs. Want to share your funny stories, jokes? You will be my best friend. Or at least some better karma.