Short Story Stimulus: Resolution Gone Awry

While many fitness experts are trying to nix New Year’s resolutions in favor of pushing yourself to live healthy all the time, I have a feeling resolutions are a tradition we are not ready to give up any time soon.

We like, too much, our inebriated goals.

We like, too much, our inebriated goals.

“Resolution” is a wonderful word. It is a noun that indicates a firm decision. It does not, therefore, need to be solely attributed to New Year’s.

But a New Year’s resolution is a powerful thing. It gives the fresh, unsullied year a purpose. It gives the goal/resolution a deadline – within 365 days, the resolution maker will have done ___.

Then, we sober up, and usually realize that what we resolved was, indeed, a good idea, and pretend that we are going to attempt it, but usually just sit on the couch all day, eating chinese food and watching bad television.

New Year’s resolutions are lofty ambitions that most of us don’t really think we can achieve. Or, at least, not without a lot of hard work (which, let’s face it, is usually not in the cards).

So you can write a short story about New Year’s resolutions being attempted, and subsequently, not achieved.

Or, be more creative about it. Maybe a resolution, New Year’s or otherwise, results in a murder. Or jail time. Or falling into a magical wonderland.

Your characters could learn a lesson. Or not.

So many possibilities – but maybe try to resolve to finish your story before the new year begins. & don’t forget to link via Mr. Linky, or in the comments!

Good luck, writers! I think this prompt could yield very interesting results, and I look forward to reading them!


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