Subtitle: Stop Being a Crybaby (This is coming from a mother who has an increasingly temperamental toddler.)

Utilizing the power of the internet, I have been having a Project Runway AllStars season 1 marathon, and recently got to the Season’s Face-off Episode. I loved how the similarity between Jerell’s & Michael’s looks was made into such a big deal, when I was struck by the fact that everyone except for Rami & Mila had similar looks. But that’s not really what inspired me to write a blog post.

This inspiration came from Mondo.

Oh, Mondo. He of the Beetlejuice-inspired clothing in season 8 (if you think he should have won season 8, you probably missed that his outfits all tended to look the same, and if you think Gretchen Jones is bitchy, hopefully, you don’t want to work in the fashion world – plus, what the hell does being bitchy have to do with being the most talented designer?) is so. Annoying. I’m sorry, but having HIV-or-whatever does not mean that you deserve to win a reality show.

And as my boyfriend pointed out, he cried a lot on the show – specifically, on the runway. My boyfriend hated Mondo, because he said, “He’s being manipulative. He’s not crying because he’s so upset he can’t help it; he’s crying because he thinks it will help him win the show.”

I could not help but think of my boyfriend’s criticism  when Mondo broke down because the judges liked Kenley’s outfit more than his. Frankly, you should not be a designer if everyone needs to rave about your looks in order to prevent you from breaking down bawling. There is always going to be someone who is not dazzled by your look; get over yourself.

But I kind of had to laugh as he’s crying out “This is supposed to be my birthday present for my mother!”*

Because this was what Mondo was claiming was his mother’s birthday present:

Mondo's gift to mom was not loved

It’s an okay outfit, but I doubt many 60-year-old women want to leave the house wearing that outfit.

Also, way to use the day your mother escaped out of a vaginal canal to try to manipulate your way into a win.

My analysis of this situation made me think about perspective. I’m sure there are people who see Mondo cry, and think he looks like a sickly little bird that they want to nurse back to health so he can become the mega-bitch of the show Project Runway (and those people received the closure they needed at the end of Project Runway All Stars, since Mondo ultimately wins this season). My boyfriend and I, on the other hand? We think he is one of the more annoying reality show personalities.

And of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Mine just happens to be the correct one. #perspective

*paraphrasing here; I really don’t care enough to watch the episode again so that I can ensure I’m accurately quoting Mr. Manipulative


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