My first grad school application is submitted!

Oh, ye strangers of the internet, ye wandering knaves who hast stumbled upon this blog, ye care not wot I am about to sayeth, yet my voice proclaimeth for all eyes to see:


I have hit “submit.” I have stumbled through the intricacies of scanning a transcript that did not want to electronically upload properly into the system on a Mac computer, and saved a PDF in a reduced size. I spent time I didn’t have writing an essay. I uploaded reference e-mails over break, knowing that said references will probably not occur until sometime next week.

I still have another app to get out this month (hopefully that one will be done tomorrow), but right now, a feeling of accomplishment is washing over my person, and this feeling cannot be taken away by anyone. Until my Cost Accounting class starts, and I am woefully unprepared to ask or answer questions.

Ah, well. One application is done, and at the moment, all feels right with the world.


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