Craig’s List Capture: Writing Example

Craig's List Capture: Writing Example

What I find interesting about this listing is that it captures so many storytelling elements. Small details (like the stars on the back of the neck), while full of drama. It’s a little vague on some of the big elements – though you can fill in the blanks.

What do you think?

Short Story Stimulus: Ahoy, Me Matey!

So I read somewhere that Sept. 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day? I feel like there are several “Talk Like a Pirate” Days throughout the year, but who doesn’t want to pretend to be one of Captain Hook’s swarthy crew once in awhile?

Especially when he looks like this... yum!

Especially when he looks like this… yum!

Keeping in the spirit, I thought a children’s tale/poem/etc. featuring a pirate and/or pirate lore was in order!

Write me well!

Write me well!

Please post a link of your resulting work via Mister Linky or in the comments!

Short Story Stimulus: Stereotypes

My recent viewing of, and subsequent post about,¬†The Breakfast Club, got me thinking about stereotypes. I’m getting kind of sick of the “the stereotype is not really¬†me, man” storyline, aren’t you?


Which brings me to this week’s prompt: write a story that has at least one central character that adheres to the stereotype.

The thing is, stereotypes exist for a reason. There are a lot of cheerleaders who date jocks and care more about tanning and makeup than good grades. There are a lot of kids who are bored and smoke weed and can’t utilize transitions in their writing, because they don’t know what a transition is. There are mean girls. There are choir geeks.

If you can, write a story that features the stereotype as the protagonist.

& don’t forget to link to your results!