Befuddled Because I’m Not Sure What I’m Befuddled About

I recently read an article about why women stay with husbands who have cheated on them and came across this sentence:

“We tend to think that once a slippery bit has slid into someone else’s slippery bit, it’s the end of a relationship.”

It so confused & befuddled me, I felt I had to share. Is this some odd, middle-school metaphor contest where “slippery bit” has become a PG reference to genitalia? Or some kind of reference to the “slippery slope” of bad behavior?

The only thing I’m sure of? It’s a poorly written sentence.

Now I totally want to hold a “worst sex metaphor” contest. Feel free to share some in the comments below!

Repost: Writing & Setting Goals

This is a great post that details the importance of setting goals, as well as providing the opportunity to show initiative by joining a goal-setting group this month! (Also, it’s well-written, researched, & funny.)

Day 1: Three Things to Know About Setting Writing Goals.

I won’t be participating this year, but I love the idea. I strongly believe in setting goals, though I am unable to focus on writing, at the moment. Please let me know if you’re setting any writing goals in the comments!

And remember:

goal v. dream