Sex – Does it REALLY Sell?

So. I recently read this article:

7 Rules for Writing Sex Scenes in Novels | Massey on Writing.

(You should read it, too.)

I think we’ve all read the romance/erotica novels that had us scratching our heads in confusion, or feeling completely inadequate. Instead of five orgasms to the sound of the surf pounding against the sand (I think this is where Quagmire would say “Giggety”), all we got was sand in our underwear, and a trip to the police station*.

Now, Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means we all need to laugh about romance & sex. I want to hear your stories – real or imaginary – about sexcapades** gone awry, or another rule for what not to do while writing a sex scene (for which an example must be attached – no exceptions!).

Let’s make each other laugh. Because let’s face it – sex can be embarrassing & hilarious.

(Also – the title is a rhetorical question. Do any of us really doubt that sex sells? *eyebrow raise*)

*Just to clarify, I am not drawing on personal experience with this example.

**I’m pretty sure my spellcheck is wrong, and that this is a real word.


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