On Non-Degree Seeking Help

So. I am currently taking some accounting classes at Eastern Michigan University, as pre-requisites to get my MAcc on at a university later. Since I already have a Bachelor’s Degree (Classical Civilizations from the University of Michigan; go Wolverines!), these classes I am currently taking are non-degree seeking.

THIS MAcc...


The classes aren’t that expensive, for university classes. I, however, am broke, since I am barely working, and spend most of my time at home, taking care of my five-and-a-half month old son.

Due to these circumstances, I recently tried to find some financial aid; due to my non-degree seeking status, I had difficulty.

I am sharing this story, because as I was scrambling around trying to figure out how to pay for my classes, I kept telling myself: “I can’t be the only person in this position.”

...not this one.

…not this one.

Unfortunately, there is not as much help for non-degree seeking students, so for any undergraduate students who have stumbled across this: Don’t finish college just to finish college. It is not always easy to find a job, and it’s much harder to find one if you haven’t figured out what career path you wish to embark on while you’re still in school.

Furthermore, the amount of help available seems to be largely dependent on the school you are attending. Depending on where you are taking classes, if you are taking pre-requisites for a Master’s program, you might be eligible for federal loans.

If, however, you are in the same boat I am currently in, where you need to take classes, but are ineligible for federal financial aid, the private student loan help I was able to apply for was through SallieMae.

I hope this entry is of help to some people. 🙂


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