OMG, Really?

So, despite being a twenty-something (on the older side!), I still occasionally like YA fiction. By this, I mean that I consume mass amounts of it, but do not actually like most of it as much as I would like to.* Yet I keep reading them.**
So I was perusing the free books available for NookBooks, when I came across this gem:

poorly named novel

I instantly began giggling & felt I had to share. A young adult novel entitled “Arousing Love?” The subtle and/or misleading title strikes me as very funny.

Thoughts? Ideas on the next title, if this were a series? (I’m thinking “The Ejaculatory Debate Team.”)

*My one exception? Sarah Dessen. I always enjoy her books, and they have the additional benefit of tending to make me feel better. It doesn’t matter what’s bothering me – Dessen & Austen are both a great fix. (Plus, if you’re into reading author blogs, twitter feeds, etc., you can see that Dessen is a super sweet lady.)

**It’s an addiction, like crack. Except that I hopefully get to keep all of my teeth.


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